3D Printing Through the Cloud

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By lowering the risks and increasing the customizability associated with generating a stock of products, 3D printing will have a disruptive effect on manufacturing worldwide. 3D Printing may make the issue of economies of scale moot.

Sculpteo, a French 3D printing company, can add the remaining dimension to 2D or utilize 3D sketches it receives from its clients using proprietary algorithms to affordably manufacture clients’ 3D concepts. Sculpteo removes barriers of manufacturing infrastructure and specialized labor required to build 3D models of your great ideas.

Through Sculpteo’s cloud application, anyone can upload their ideas to be sculpted, giving each individual power previously held only by centralized manufacturing. Examples of individuals taking advantage of 3D printing capabilities include artists, designers, and researchers at leading universities and scientific institutions. Sculpteo’s business strategy, however, is not just to sell 3D models of your designs, but also to enable each and every company to effectively offer 3D modeling as another component of the services they can provide.

Sculpteo’s 3D printing cloud engine software can be integrated into a client’s website and work seamlessly with the e-commerce platform to allow for a customizable, 3D printing platform for visitors to the client website to use, while allowing the client to customize cart and payment management separately.

The order is funneled from the client website to the Sculpteo database, where the models are printed using Sculpteo machinery, and then shipped to the customer. The client website’s owners are then paid a commission for each order.

3D Printing Through the Cloud, 4.1 out of 5 based on 16 ratings

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