Our Mission

The Disruptive Investor is dedicated to uncovering the most commercially promising disruptive technologies. Our mission is to connect the most disruptive technologies to the investment, licensing and acquisition communities. Thus, DI profiled companies reach a variety of sources of liquidity.

The method by which we uncover the most compelling technologies is through the wisdom of the crowds. It is our belief that the collective insight and intelligence of the DI community will trump the opinion of any expert. For this reason, we want you to participate in The Disruptive Investor by:

  • Bringing intriguing technologies to our attention;
  • By expressing your belief in the realness and potential of the technologies profiled by using our voting system; and,
  • By commenting on the technologies profiled.

DI provides a platform whereby people with a variety of experiences and expertise in a range of technical, marketing, business, and funding fields can opine on the merits of cutting-edge technologies. Together, we can suss out the most commercially promising technologies and smoke out the technologies destined to the dustbin of history.

David Wanetick, CEO, The Disruptive Investor

David Wanetick is a Managing Director at IncreMental Advantage, LLC. IncreMental Advantage is an internationally recognized valuation firm with an expertise in valuing emerging technologies and intangible assets. He is also the program director of the Certified Patent Valuation Analyst designation and is a lecturer at The Business Development Academy.