Consumer Gaze Technology

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Mirametrix’ consumer gaze technology is a step beyond gesture technology and may make television remote controls obsolete. Consumer electronics devices—such as televisions, gaming boxes and telephones as well as lighting systems—that incorporate gaze technology will be manageable just by tracking users’ eye movements.

Televisions with embedded gaze technology will recognize various users, will optimize the appearance and type of content based on individual users’ preferences, and will allow users to adjust volumes and change channels simply by moving their eyes. Given that consumers may interrupt their TV viewing (e.g. to take a phone call), televisions bearing gaze technology can be set to autonomously dim their volumes when users divert their eyes away from the television. Similarly, such TVs can switch to a power saving mode.

Mirametrix’ living-room 3D eye tracker requires no head-mounted equipment and can be set up in minutes. The eye tracker equipment is flexible under a number of different conditions such as wearing eye glasses, head tilting, excessive blinking and head shaking. The eye tracker is also very quick to reacquire a test subject’s eyes when they move out of view.

Further, Mirametrix’ eye tracker equipment , which was developed over 10 years in collaboration with one of the top Canadian universities, sits unobtrusively on the consumer electronic devices. It uses advanced computer vision algorithms to track the eyes and produce and analyze point of gaze data at more than 60 times per second.

Consumer Gaze Technology, 4.3 out of 5 based on 52 ratings

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