Crowdsourcing Gifts

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Most of us have a few items on our wish lists that are too expensive for one person to purchase. GiftSimple helps users crowdfund these expensive gifts, instead of receiving lower priced and often unwanted gifts.

GiftSimple allows people to specify which present they would like to receive. Once the item is listed on GiftSimple, the gift recipient’s friends will see the item on the poster’s Facebook wall.  Friends and family can then contribute towards the purchase of the item. GiftSimple leverages a users’ social network and game mechanics to get users to contribute to the gifting process and add more money to the collection. GiftSimple can be used for any occasion: birthdays, weddings, baby showers, holidays, graduations, housewarmings, fundraising, etc

There are numerous benefits to using GiftSimple.  All gifts are redeemed in cash, giving the recipient the freedom to use funds on whatever, whenever and however he/she wants. The gift recipient can cash out at any time – whether or not the target amount has been reached. Reasons for cashing out may include: cash is needed for other purposes; a less expensive version of gift is sought more immediately; or, that the recipient is going to apply some of their own cash to the purchase of the desired gift.

GiftSimple promotes responsible spending through crowd-funding, instead of financing the purchase with a high-interest credit card.  Gift recipients are able to get the big-ticket items they really want, and gift givers know they helped contribute to a meaningful purchase.

GiftSimple may go viral as every time someone lists a gift or makes a contribution, a message is posted on the Facebook walls of both the recipient and contributors, encouraging others to join in. GiftSimple makes its money by assessing a small charge on the total amount raised, payable at cash-out.

Crowdsourcing Gifts, 4.5 out of 5 based on 89 ratings

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