Electronic Focusing Eyewear

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Bifocal glasses are great—except for their limited field of vision and distortion.

Not to fear. By placing virtually invisible layers of liquid crystals on the bottom of lenses, PixelOptics glasses can automatically adjust the lens to shift into distance or reading mode.  This instant vision correction provides wider fields of vision and reduces the distortion that is experienced by wearers of  progressive lenses.

PixelOptics embeds triggers in the temples of glasses which enables the lenses to be activated automatically or manually.

Swiping the temple activates the automatic mode. In this mode, moving your head down turns on the near-focus zone. Lifting your head up turns off the near-focus zone, freeing up the entire lens for distance viewing.

In the manual mode, touching the trigger for one second activates the near-focus zone while another touch turns it off.

PixelOptics glasses need to be charged but such charges last for between two and three days.

Electronic Focusing Eyewear, 4.0 out of 5 based on 47 ratings

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