Emulsion Technology

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Smooth, a brand owned by Oxford Catalysts Group, has developed a new method of producing emulsions. Emulsions can be found nearly everywhere from personal care, medicinals and cosmetics to food and household chemicals to paints and adhesives.

Smooth’s emulsions can be produced much more economically since less energy is required, smaller equipment is utilized, and Smooth’s equipment is easier to maintain and clean. Smooth usually employs continuous processing, which is much more efficient than the batch production associated with the existing emulsification processing. The standard emulsification process used today, uses high speed, high shear mixers, which have poor control and often over-shear fragile ingredients. This leads to over-designing compositions, processing conditions as well as the overuse of chemical surfactants.

Smooth technology adds droplets into the continuous phase through an engineered dispersion plate. The result is very uniform distribution of particles and stable emulsions, often without the need for surfactants.

Emulsion Technology, 2.5 out of 5 based on 31 ratings

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