Faux Chicken

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Alligator tastes like chicken. So does kangaroo. And now–finally–so does faux-chicken.

Beyond Meat—a startup founded by Ethan Brown—has developed a freakishly realistic vegan chicken. It has been described as “too real.” New York Times food columnist Mark Bittman even wrote that if he did not know he was eating Beyond Meat, he could have confused it with real chicken.

Beyond Meat is made from powdered soy protein that is formed into a paste, heated, and then pressed into strips. This process aligns the proteins in the soy so that they feel like chicken to our palates. Thus, while Beyond Meat is made from different types of proteins than chicken, it has the same plump, juicy texture of chicken.

Founder Ethan Brown exclaims that the goal of Beyond Meat is not just to create an alternative to meat for vegans, but to create an alternative to meat for all people. He envisions Beyond Meat being sold alongside meat in supermarkets and by butchers. Furthermore, he plans to price Beyond Meat more affordably than its corresponding animal products.

Beyond Meat has several advantages over regular meat. It requires less energy to produce. It contains no saturated fat. No antibiotics are used in the production process. And, no animals are harmed.

Beyond Meat is currently being sold in prepared foods at select Whole Foods stores and specialty grocery stores throughout the United States.  A ground beef version made from pea proteins is currently being developed.

Faux Chicken, 4.3 out of 5 based on 35 ratings

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