Foldable Cars

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One means of reducing traffic congestion is to make miniature cars. The Hiriko Fold  is an electric car that takes that notion a step further by producing cars that can fold from 100 inches down to a mere 60 inches which is the width of an ordinary car.

The Fold can be parked facing the sidewalk, relieving the driver of the inconvenience of parallel parking. With this parking configuration, three-and-a-half Folds can fit into one parking space.

The Hiriko—which means “from the city” in Basque—features a folding mechanism that tucks the rear of the car under the chassis, tipping the body of the car into a more upright position. The folding mechanism occurs during parking, saving the driver of the necessity of manually folding the car.

Several design features facilitate the folding attribute. First, instead of having conventional doors, the Hiriko has a single, upward-swinging windshield through which the two occupants can enter and exit the vehicle.

Second, each of the Hiriko’s four wheels contain a drive motor, steering, braking, and suspension, leaving the inside of the car uncluttered and free to be collapsed. A benefit of replacing the conventional steering wheel with a device resembling an airplane’s yoke is that the driver can simply push the stick forward to speed up and backwards to slow down. Turns can be made just by moving the yoke to the right or left. Additionally, the Fold’s four wheels each turn 60 degrees left or right, enabling the car to spin on its central access.

Foldable Cars, 4.3 out of 5 based on 60 ratings

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