Gift Card Management

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Tango Card is bringing efficiency to the $100 billion-plus gift card industry.

Friends and family can visit the Tango Card website to easily register to have Tango Cards or retailer-specific gift cards delivered to designated recipients. With a few mouseclicks, arrangements can be made to have the physical gift cards delivered to the recipient or digital cards can be transmitted electronically in less than a minute.

These cards are redeemable at leading retailers such as Amazon, Starbucks and Home Depot. In the case of the Tango Card, the recipients can decide which retailers they wish to patronize. Recipients of the Tango Card can donate their residual or entire balances to charities or can redeem their cash. Tango Card charges no purchase fees, no expiration fees and no inactivity fees.

The Company encourages its customers to utilize the entire card amounts by sending email reminders as well as posting a color meter scheme on customer account pages which highlights which cards have remaining balances and which cards have been inactive for extended periods.

Tango Card provides a free mobile app—enabled on Android phones and tablets as well as on the iPhone and iPad—which provides maps of the nearest locations that correspond to the customer’s selected gift cards. The app enables the review of the customer’s portfolio of Tango gift cards as well as the scanning of the digital cards directly by the retailer.

The Company facilitates the bulk uploading of data so that enterprises can quickly distribute gift cards to hundreds or thousands of recipients. Further, Tango Card meets its commitment as the exclusive fulfillment partner for Microsoft’s Bing search tool by exchanging accrued Bing search credits for digital goods.

Gift Card Management, 3.9 out of 5 based on 33 ratings

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