Instantaneous and Ubiquitous Translation

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The more telecommunications and air travel shrink the world, the more vital communication becomes. Since humans can’t learn languages as fast as they can travel to new locales, languages are barriers to effective communications. Often these barriers present awkward circumstances. Other times they present life-threatening scenarios. Fortunately, SpeechTrans has developed several solutions to enable instantaneous translation services.

One application is an app that can be downloaded on Android, Blackberry and the iPhone. This app enables users to speak into the phone and have a translated transcription appear on their smart phone screen as well as listen to a voice translation. This app can currently provide voice-to-voice translation and transcription in 25 languages.

Another very powerful service provided by SpeechTrans is the ability to take a picture of text in one language with a smart phone and then read and listen to the translation of that photographed text just by tilting the smart phone.

SpeechTrans has recently introduced its InterprePhone service which facilitates immediate telephonic translations. With IntreprePhone, users can have up to 55 seconds worth of speech translated in 15 different languages.

The Company also has an app that allows Facebook users to better communicate by translating their chat into 25 different languages.

While SpeechTrans’ speech recognition accuracy is a function of the languages involved and the people speaking, the Company reports an average accuracy of roughly 95%. This accuracy level should continue to inch up as the underlying technology improves with every translation.

Instantaneous and Ubiquitous Translation, 4.3 out of 5 based on 32 ratings

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