Internal Combustion

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Many companies and startups are trying to replace the internal combustion with engines that run on exotic fuels or electricity. EcoMotors, on the other hand, is simply trying to improve internal combustion as it envisions a future in which the internal combustion engine continues to dominate.

Founded in 2008, EcoMotors is in the process of developing a unique opposed-piston engine.  Instead of having individual pistons in rows or in a V orientation to one another, the opposed-piston engine has two pistons that are directly opposite one another, with the crankshaft in the middle. Additionally, independent sets of opposed-pistons can be lined up. These sets are independent but can work together to increase the engine’s output.

This unique design has several advantages over traditional internal combustion engines. It eliminates the cylinder head, which reduces the weight of the engine, helps direct more energy towards the engine’s movement, and lowers the cost of the engine itself. It balances weight and forces equally around the cylinder head. Furthermore, because sets of opposed pistons work independently, one of more sets can be shut down when they are not required. This not only saves fuel required to run the pistons, but also reduces friction because the pistons are not moving at all.

When all of these advantages are combined, fuel efficiency increases by up to 50% while cutting production costs by 20%.

EcoMotors has received funding from Khosla Ventures and Bill Gates. The Company announced a licensing agreement with Navistar, a company that produces engines for electric generators, trucks, and other commercial vehicles.

Internal Combustion, 4.3 out of 5 based on 8 ratings

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