Miltary Education Facilitation

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Fidelis Education is dedicated to bridging the gaps between service, college, and employment for members of the armed forces. Fidelis Education does this in three ways.

First, it enables soldiers to start their college education while they are still on active duty. Soldiers take courses online through a university associated with Fidelis Education. Second, it helps soldiers transfer to an accredited university where they can finish their online education. Fidelis Education has been in discussion with many universities including Harvard, Stanford, MIT, and the University of California’s online program.

Fidelis Education specifically guides soldiers to colleges that will help them advance toward their career goals. Finally, Fidelis provides assistance to veterans in terms of finding jobs after they graduate from college. It has teamed up with many companies that want to hire veterans.

Fidelis Education has a compelling business plan.  It does not charge soldiers or veterans for its services. Instead it charges colleges and employers a recruitment fee.

Many colleges want to enroll members of the armed forces because the government helps them pay tuition. Military tuition assistance helps pay for the online education troops receive while still on active duty.  The GI bill and Yellow Ribbon program then cover most of their education at a university. Employers often want to hire veterans because of their discipline and determination to complete assignments. Fidelis Education helps untangle the bureaucratic confusion that often exists in recruiting military personnel to universities and for employment.

This startup is based in San Francisco and was founded by Gunnar Counsilman.

Miltary Education Facilitation, 4.3 out of 5 based on 39 ratings

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