OnCore Golf Technology

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OnCore Golf is championing a patented, revolutionary new golf ball that has the potential to be the most accurate and straightest golf ball ever developed as this ball significantly reduces hook and slice. At the center of the ball is a hollow metal core technology that was originally developed and tested by NanoDynamics, a leading advanced materials company.

The United States Golf Association granted OnCore’s Omen golf ball conforming status in early 2006. Further, Dick Rugge, the Technical Director of the USGA from 2002 until 2009 said, “Golf balls made with hollow metal core construction have the potential to change the nature of the game. This is because they potentially have superior distance, straightness, and green holding ability than normal, elastomer-based balls.” The hollow metal core can result in a moment of inertia (which is derived from the distribution of mass in a product and the center of gravity that results) improvement of 130%. The effect of the enhanced moment of inertia is that there is a marked decreased dispersion of the balls intentionally hit to produce excess sidespin.

OnCore’s Omen golf ball will compete for a US market that produces annual sales of roughly $750 million. The market for golf balls outside of the US generates another roughly $750 million in annual sales.

OnCore Golf Technology, 2.8 out of 5 based on 35 ratings

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  1. Sounds interesting. What is the competition like?

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