Online Pawn Brokering

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The challenging economy is causing many people to be in need of quick cash. Online pawn broker Pawnup offers rapid decisions on purchases of—or loans secured by—precious metals, jewelry, memorabilia and the like.

Pawnup customers are relieved of being required to complete long loan applications or submitting to credit or employment checks.  A further attraction of online pawnbrokers is that they allow customers to avoid the stigma (and often danger) of visiting a bricks-and-mortar pawn broker.

Potential customers can obtain a free preliminary appraisal by providing the bill of sale, pictures and other documentation related to the item they wish to sell or loan against. If the preliminary appraisal is acceptable, the customer can send in the merchandise (insured) at Pawnup’s expense via Fedex.

Upon receipt by Pawnup, a professional appraiser will examine the merchandise and will make a determination of value free of charge. The client can decide if he wishes to sell, borrow against or have the item returned. Since they have reduced overhead, online pawnbrokers can often offer rates more favorable than traditional pawn brokers. Pawnup offers free storage as well.

Pawnup provides multiple layers of security. To protect against trafficking in stolen goods, customers must provide a good bit of personal information, even including their height and weight. Further, from the moment merchandise reaches Pawnup until its final disposition, it is subject to high-definition camera surveillance.

Online Pawn Brokering, 4.3 out of 5 based on 37 ratings

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