Remote Door Keys

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There are many situations where business owners would like to provide temporary access to their premises but are concerned that granting a key would present a security risk. Instances of this regular occurrence include:

  • Unattended delivery. One example occurs when a restaurant needs to receive its delivery of daily food but the owner does not want to open the doors too early in the morning.
  • Warehouse operators. Warehouse owners need to provide customers with access to their lockers but would rather not staff the premises around the clock.
  • Real estate agents. Real estate agents need access to the homes they are trying to sell but the home owner might want to limit visits to certain hours.

Axsmate, based in Gent, Belgium, has developed a solution to these, and many other, scenarios.

Axsmate’s website enables owners of businesses and residences to manage the authorization of individuals that have been granted access to their facilities during defined periods of time. Axsmate’s apps can be launched from any browser. Since the Axsmate software runs on the cloud, no additional software is needed.

When an individual approaches a door, he simply launches the Axsmate app which indicates the doors that he is authorized to enter. Then, he clicks on the corresponding key icon. In cases where near field communications are deployed, the user can tap the phone on the NFC sticker to gain entry to the corresponding door. For those without smart phones, they simply send a text to receive permission to enter.

These signals are transmitted to radio frequency modules installed in the electronic cylinders of the locks. When the signals are received, the doors open. In situations where pin codes are required, they are transmitted to the permissioned individual’s phone. Axsmate is designed to interface with any electrically wired point of access such as gates, garage doors, and as an add-on to existing badge readers.

Remote Door Keys, 4.3 out of 5 based on 25 ratings

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