Rotationally Symmetric Contact Lenses

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Synergeyes produces contact lenses that combine crisp optics with positional stability. These lenses are especially helpful for sufferers of astigmatism and feature rigidity in the center of the lenses and soft surrounding skirts. The rigid centers provide crisp optics while the soft skirt keeps the lens stable on the eye.

Synergeyes’ soft skirt is an important feature because in lenses produced by others, when a patient blinks or is highly active, those lenses have a tendency to rotate which causes temporary blurriness of vision. Synergeyes’ soft skirts are rotationally symmetric which prevents such occurrences. Also, the soft skirts prevent debris from accumulating under the lens.

The rigid centers are highly oxygen permeable which facilitates corneal health. Further, the hard centers of the lenses make it obvious to users which side of the lens should be placed over the eye.

In developmental clinical studies, patients have rated Synergeyes’ contact lenses better than competing contact lenses in terms of near, intermediate and distance sight as well as vision at the end of the day and for computer use.

Rotationally Symmetric Contact Lenses, 2.8 out of 5 based on 32 ratings

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