Skill Evaluation

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Smarterer is a platform designed to score individuals on some 500 digital, social, and technical skills. The testing of skills includes those associated with Excel, C++, InDesign, and WordPress, just to name a few.

Smarterer uses adaptive technology to determine the skill level of the user and presents the user with questions appropriate to that user. Using crowdsourced test design and a scoring mechanism similar to the one developed to rank chess masters, in just 10 questions and 60 seconds Smarterer can give test-takers a valid score. The platform learns with each question answered, enhancing the algorithm’s ability to measure the difficulty of the questions and, in turn, the users’ skills.

Smarterer’s test flow provides a clear indication of the duration of each test session. Other features include a question review mode for looking over right and wrong responses and an easy way to continually benchmark and reassess the same skills at different dates.

Digital badges are issued indicating the test-taker’s proficiency in the subject matter. Users can have these badges placed on their websites, indicating to the public and potential employers their levels of competency in various skills.

Companies can use Smarterer quizzes as part of their online job applications. Other online education companies may wish to use Smarterer’s platform to gauge the comprehension of their students. Smarterer is designed to enable users to assess their progress for themselves. Down the road, Smarterer also plans to give users the option to add more information to the site, so that people who correctly answer questions can explain their responses and ultimately help educate others.

Skill Evaluation, 3.5 out of 5 based on 16 ratings

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