Temperature Stabilized Coffee

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Goldilocks would like drinking coffee with Joulies. It wouldn’t be too hot or too cold.

Freshly brewed coffee—whether made by a professional barista or in the home—often comes too hot to drink right away. The hapless coffee drinker is forced to wait until his drink cools down. The risk is that waiting too long can result in the coffee cooling down to an undrinkable room temperature.

The founders of Coffee Joulies have created a solution to the plight of coffee drinkers everywhere: how to get coffee to a drinkable temperature faster, and keep it at that temperature longer. Their solution comes in the form of proprietary, “phase change material” encased in a sleek, coffee bean-shaped metal shell. The inventors have named the entire contraption, a Joulie. Popping a few Joulies into your cup of hot coffee—each only about the size of a typical ice cube—activates these stainless steel beans.

A Joulie is designed to absorb the ambient heat energy from your steaming cup until it reaches a temperature of approximately 140OF, cooling your cup of coffee to a pleasant drinking temperature in the process. This heat energy is used to liquefy the phase change material within the Joulie. Once the 140OF mark is reached, the phase change material begins to re-solidify, releasing heat energy back into your beverage and keeping it at that optimal drinking temperature.

The stainless steel shell is designed to last a lifetime, and is akin to the metal found in silverware or the mug itself. The inventors claim that the phase change material is non-toxic and could even be consummed without consequence.

Temperature Stabilized Coffee, 4.2 out of 5 based on 35 ratings

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