Unified File Management

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The proliferation of social media sites, web applications and photo and file sharing services enables us to communicate with our friends and colleagues in a growing number of ways. The problem is that when many of our friends and colleagues want to share files with us, we are required to register with new websites like Dropbox and Flickr. We thus become caught up in an unmanageable web of repositories for our files.

Primadesk’s mission is to facilitate the accessibility of files by providing all of a user’s online content on one dashboard. This dashboard provides users unified viewing of inboxes which collect all of the mail from various mail services as well as from multiple accounts of the same email provider (e.g. Gmail).

Due to the unification of online services, data can be searched, sorted, managed, viewed and backed up all from the same place. So with Primadesk, if you are searching for a photo or message sent, you no longer need to conduct dedicated searches for each online service that you use. Rather, you can just conduct one search that scans all of the online services that you use. Once you find what you want you can simply move the file (e.g. photo) from one online service (such as Facebook) to another (such as Flickr).

Apart from these abilities, Primadesk automatically backs up previous states of cloud content onto your hard drive. In this case, if you change or delete something online, then you will always have a back up in your hard disk to restore it.

Getting started with Primadesk is as easy as registering through Facebook. Primadesk’s applications are available through Android and iPhone smartphones. This cloud app is available via a free version and paid version. The free Version provides search and manage capabilities across any five service providers. The paid version allows users the ability to connect unlimited online accounts, unlimited sharing capabilities and more storage than the free version.

Unified File Management, 4.4 out of 5 based on 86 ratings

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