Vaporizing Garbage with Plasma

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PyroGenesis has a patented process that utilizes plasma to vaporize garbage with temperatures as hot as the sun. (Plasma is the fourth state of matter and comes from the sun and lightening.) This technology is safe and easy to operate and generates virtually no secondary waste. Also, applying this plasma technology produces a liquid fuel as an end product. Users of this process also benefit from avoiding paying tipping fees to dispose of their hazardous waste.

The Montreal, Canada-based company has been testing and deploying its unique technologies for many years. PyroGenesis has been working with the US Navy for several years and has implemented one of PyroGenesis’s units on a cruise ship. The Company is also building a land based plant in Florida at a Navy or Coast Guard base.

Vaporizing Garbage with Plasma , 3.0 out of 5 based on 36 ratings

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