Wearable Ultrasound Therapy

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ZetrOZ has recently developed mobile, battery-operated ultrasound therapy which is the size of an iPod. (Ultrasonic sound waves are very high frequency sound waves that create pressure oscillations, or forces, capable of physically affecting the cells and tissues in their paths.)

This wearable ultrasound therapy operates with a frequency in the one to three megahertz range, which is the standard clinical therapy range for treatment. Also, ZetrOZ’s ultrasound therapy operates at a power intensity of 100 miliwatts per square centimeter which is much safer that the one to three watt range typical in the industry.

The reduced power intensity makes it safe for patients to wear the ultrasound device for as long as six hours whereas traditional ultrasound therapy treatments last just 15 minutes. While applying traditional ultrasound therapy in one localized place on the body would burn tissue, the benefit of lower power intensity is that ten times more energy can be delivered to the patient over the longer treatment time.

ZetrOZ’s technology is already used for equine applications. The goal is to use ZetrOZ’s technology for pain relief and healing in traditional human conditions such as arthritis and tendonitis as well as bone fracture repair and wound care. Other promising applications include placing ultrasound technology on patches for drug delivery (the technology may push the drug deeper into tissue while making the tissue easier to penetrate) and ingestible ultrasound pills for the purpose of amplifying images deep in the body.

Wearable Ultrasound Therapy , 4.2 out of 5 based on 59 ratings

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