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How many times have you found yourself befuddled in the midst of filling out a process on a website? The destination is unknown. The directions are non-existent or confusing. There may or may not be a video tutorial. But even if there is you will have to abandon your work to listen.

WalkMe is the antidote to bewildering web processes. Once a visitor to a website sees the “WalkMe” logo, they just need to click on it to be escorted through the web process. Pop-up balloons appear sequentially in lock-step with the desired process. Each pop-up balloon tells the visitor what action he is expected to take. While a few words of instruction may be sufficient to explain what is required of the visitor, website owners can embed images and instructional videos in the bubbles. Once the step is completed “step triggers” indicate the next steps that should be taken.

Other features that the web master can install include welcome screens to explain the Walk-Thru process; timing options which determine how long the pop up bubbles will remain visible; and Skippable which allows website visitors to skip steps without jeopardizing the Walk-Thru process. Of course, website owners can color coordinate the bubbles with their sites as well as select the shapes of the bubbles. The text placed in the pop-up bubbles can be in any language.

In addition to simplifying the website experience for visitors, WalkMe helps website owners reduce their incidence of retreating users and abandoned carts. With its analytics capabilities, WalkMe can provide its customers with highly granular statistics relative to what happens on their sites. Importantly, WalkMe customers can learn where in their processes they are losing customers.

Website Escort, 4.8 out of 5 based on 128 ratings

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