Wireless Electrocardiograms

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AliveCor’s app turns smart phones into mobile Electrocardiograms. Users simply place the smart phone in a sleek case with protruding electrodes or affix an iCard to the phone. Then, the smart phone is either held by both hands on the left and right sides of the device or the smart phone is placed directly on the chest.

This preparation only requires a minute or two and is all that is needed to transform smart phones into wireless clinical quality cardiac event recorders. AliveCor records 300 electrical samples a second without the user being required to press any buttons or move any switches.

The electrical activity of the heart as well as the heart beats per minute are displayed in real-time on the smart phones. These results are also stored on cloud servers for later retrieval in .pdf format by the patient or physician or can be emailed directly by the patient to the physician.
AliveCor is undergoing two clinical studies at The University of Oklahoma which are directed by investigators who have reviewed many thousands of ECGs from hundreds of patients over many years.

AliveCor’s revenue model is diversified as revenue is expected to be generated from selling the cases and iCards as well as various analysis tools. The revenue model is reminiscent of Apple’s iTunes model in that each ECG will be available for downloading and printing for an expected $.99.

Wireless Electrocardiograms , 3.4 out of 5 based on 33 ratings

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